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Our Mission

Mobvitel is a Verizon Premium Retailer, a full service wireless retailer, which strives to satisfy its customers through exceptional service and valuable communications solutions. Mobvitel's corporate mission and vision is to work as a dedicated team to provide world-class wireless experience for its customers and employees.

Core Values

Integrity: To communicate and act with truth and sincerity
Accuracy: To understand, give and receive information with clarity and precision
Humility: To act without ego while working with others
Courage: Having the strength to do what is right
Curiosity: The desire to learn about and improve ourselves, others and our surroundings

Keys to Success

Our company's keys to success are to:

- Provide excellent customer service
- Grow and maintain a referral network of customers
- Focus expertise in cellular phones and cellular phone programs
- Respond rapidly to customer problems with product or plan.

Rajeev Dewan

CEO & President, Mobvitel Inc.

Rajeev Dewan is the Founder, CEO & President of Mobvitel Inc. Throughout his rapidly advancing career in the arena of wireless communications, Rajeev Dewan has successfully established, refined and transformed service standards within new, emerging and/or legacy industries and linked them to financial requirements of the business. With executive experience in leading multi-million dollar organizations as well as creating new market start ups within USA and internationally; deep expertise in marketing, finance, product development, market strategy, enterprise sales, consumer sales, and executive team leadership, Rajeev Dewan has taken all his businesses to unprecedented heights. He has a strong track record of delivering results and creating value for enterprise clients through business design, planning, and monetization modeling. Delivering industry lead results by creating quality customer experiences, employee and executive leadership development, and simple/repeatable execution strategies, he believes that success comes from building an organizational framework around business innovation and a learning agility culture, helping large teams of people to grow and reach their full potential.